The Harmony of Form

All shapes emanate waves known as waveforms. In every shape exists a non-physical element, a Deva, a spiritual being, that interacts with it’s surroundings and unites the physical form with totality. No particle is separated; there is an interaction in everything manifest through the non-manifest.

The pureness of the polyhedral shapes enables the manifestation of the energy of it’s internal order. Every polyhedral shape attracts and emits, impregnating it’s essence into the environment, helping other beings in their evolution.

Through Sacred Geometry we can reach the power of love, the opening of the Heart, the help we need to establish order in matter and awaken cellular memory. Pure Geometry activates the capability to remember that we are spiritual beings and for what reason we are here.

Geometrical Structures for Kids

We construct large sized polydra for use on children’s playgrounds and any other space where children can learn and play.

These are combinations of regular polyhedra, semiregular polyhedra and formations of join polyhedra especially designed so children can climb, play and have fun in their interior.


The Interior of Polyhedra

The polyhedra have a relationship with the directions of space; the fou horizontal directions, the direction of the Father, the Heaven, the direction of the Mother, the Earth and the direction of the Heart, the Centre. The polyhedra have written upon them the codified memory of the sacred relation with the directions.

Normally when we look at a polyhedron, we know the outside. But there is a big difference between taking a cube in our hands and look at it… or enter inside the cube, with plain conscience and feel and receive it as a medicine for our life. The cube is the polyhedron that makes most easy understanding the relationship between polyhedra and the directions of space. It simbolizes the Earth as the Mother element that welcomes and nurtures us.

We can imagine making a visit to the interior of the cube, we visualize twelve bars that delimit a cubic space big enough to sit inside. We ask for permission to enter and experience the conscious relationship with the directions.

Upon entering we are welcomed by the base square, the direction of the Mother. There not much to choose from, but if we want to, the centre of the square is good place for the experience. We sit down looking in the direction where the sun rises. At our right is the square that corresponds to the midday sun at it’s highest point. At our back we have the direction where the sun enters the horizon and at our left is the direction that completes the solar circle of one DAY, the North, which represents wisdom. The upper square delimits the heaven, the direction of the Father. And the Centre, the seventh direction is where we feel the order and the kindness the this geometry offers us.

Meditation inside polyhedra is a really subtle experience when we are committed to healing and order in matter. This order is also useful when we construct a living space and we want to feel what type of energy reaches us from every direction or maybe someone needs to find him- or herself to learn how to know his place. Pure Geometry offers us ways to find reference points that can helps us.