Syntonic Geometry

A lifetime dedicated to Geometry

In Fuente Carreteros, one of those white villages in the Cordovan countryside, José Manuel Dugo Varo lives and has his workshop. When we take a peek into Jose Manuel's life, we can see a true example of someone with a calling and a real passion for Geometry.

Since he started creating polyhedra in 1981 his working with geometry has been a continuous source of inspiration, creativity and artistic expression. Jose Manuel has re-discovered different techniques for the construction of polyhedral shapes and has developed the creation of polyhedra from the size of a nut up to 20 foot in diameter.

At the same time throughout this creative journey José Manuel has set in motion a process of becoming more sensitive to the subtle aspects of polyhedra, while developing different ways to apply the resonant fields of geometrical shapes for the harmonization of spaces (geo-puncture) for healing and personal growth.

The Artist Creating

"Geometrical shapes help us to remember order. They synthesize the energies of the four sacred directions, concentrating them in their interior and have the ability to expand them and permeate everything around them. They need care, orientation, prayer and purpose. They are vehicles for the expansion of light and colour."

José Manuel Dugo Varo